We learn Blockchain (part one)

We learn Blockchain (part one)

Legal Expert Training in Digital Transformation: Industry 4.0 and Blockchain from our partner Blockchain School for Management.


Digital technologies are revolutionizing information systems, opening a new range of opportunities to improve organizations and design more optimized business models. The demand for professionals specialized in these technologies is growing exponentially and with it the need for first-class academic programs to train leaders capable of leading projects of this nature.


For this reason, a multidisciplinary teaching team has been assembled in which we find jurists specialized in different fields, strategic consultants, economists, engineers, software project managers, and other experts. All of them highly qualified and with extensive experience in ICT. The entire teaching team collaborates in order to ensure that the different programs offered by BSM fit optimally with the real needs of the sector.

Any organization or project will need to implement digital technologies to remain competitive.
competitive. And with this comes the need for specialized lawyers.
For this reason, a program has been designed specifically for these profiles, with which you will learn everything you need to deal with cases and projects related to new technologies with guarantees, paying special attention to blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.

BSM is a school of technology applied to different professional fields. Unlike other educational institutions, BSM teachers are professionals who work full time in the field they explain in their classes. They teach so that anyone who wishes to understand and apply new technologies in their professional field will be able to learn from a person with real experience in positions of responsibility.

In order to introduce technological revolutions in corporate environments, professionals are needed who can conceptualize innovative solutions in their organization. The school’s mission is to offer comprehensive training to these professionals who wish to lead the digital transformation.
To achieve this goal BSM is based on the principles of excellence and personalized attention. Each teacher is assigned a small group of students and in this way it is possible to maintain an optimal pace during classes, meet the needs of each student and ensure that they can clarify their doubts at any time.

Blockchain School for Management is a member of the Association of Blockchain Companies (AECHAIN), the most influential organization in Spain in relation to this technology. AECHAIN is linked to the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations) in order to promote this technology in the different Spanish industries.

In 2019, the newspaper La Razón selected BSM as the educational institution with the best program on blockchain technology in Spain in its third installment of the Technology and Innovation Awards. The lawyers who will stand out in the coming years will be those who have sufficient knowledge, experience, and versatility to participate in projects and solve problems related to the latest technologies.

At the end of the program, students will be prepared to face, from a legal perspective, the different challenges posed by digital transformation cases and projects, Industry 4.0 technologies, and blockchain-based systems. They will also be able to understand and use the tools derived from these technologies.

There will also be an introduction to the design and programming of Smart Contracts and the basics of programming in the Python language will be studied. No previous programming knowledge or technical training is required for this section.

We leave you this link (click here) to review the complete information dossier and register if you are interested.

In this course, we highlight the participation of teachers such as Federico Ast, Anna Marra, Santiago Cenizo, Edwin Mata, Jesús Herencia, Elen Irazabal, as well as members of our Change the block team, such as our CEO Alan Draguilow and our Business Development Manager Karol Valencia, among other high quality and experienced teachers.