We learn Blockchain (part one)

Legal Expert Training in Digital Transformation: Industry 4.0 and Blockchain from our partner Blockchain School for Management.   Digital technologies are revolutionizing information systems, opening a new range of opportunities to improve organizations and design more optimized business models. The…

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Gates or Musk, who is right?

Written by: Marilu Lazo Mac Dowall Associate at Lawgic Tec and Blogger at The Crypto Legal   In a market as volatile as the cryptocurrency market, the opinions of the most influential individuals in the economy can quickly “shake the market”, even a simple…

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Do you dare to buy cryptocurrencies? – Part 2

Written by: Adolfo Morán Senior Lawyer en EY, Executive Director at Lawgic Tec and Blogger at The Crypto Legal – In this second installment, the author analyzes the cognitive biases that a cryptocurrency investor presents after acquiring his first cryptocurrencies. Part…

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