Enabling the Next Generation P2P/Data Economy

Flanders Research Institute for agriculture, fisheries and food (ILVO) | Insurechain SL | IdPlizz Inc. | University of Central Florida

“in order to fully reap the benefits of digital farming, sharing data between different partners in the agro-food chain must be conducted fairly, transparently, and in a trustworthy way.   Farmers and businesses still need more ‘trust’ to fully share their data and therefore create a collective and individual benefit.

It is essential to incorporate and experiment with trust and transparency mechanisms, and also tackle proactively some barriers and fears from farmers and Farm Management Systems concerning the use of data. To tackle these barriers, and provide farmers with a platform where information is easily managed in a transparent and fair way, we propose to experiment with two technologies: IdVerification and Smart Contracts within DjustConnect, and via two experiments: 1. authentication and 2. data transactions. By using AI technology and biometric recognition (IdPlizz platform) in DjustConnect, the platform will have an unforgeable sign-in-method. By implementing and experimenting with this feature, we will ensure that farmers know who is using their information. By implementing Smart Contracts in DjustConnect, we will be able to create an e-auction system and automate data exchanges”.