Create smart contracts for your business in 60 seconds flat.

Ensures compliance with the agreed conditions. Save time and money starting today.

With Insurechain, we've made it quick and easy to create the smart contracts that your business needs.

Easy and intuitive

Create your own Smart Contract  is easy. Simply fill in the details of your contract template, click ‘finish’, and you’ll instantly receive a PDF equivalent to a traditional contract.

Guaranteed contract compliance

Your smart contract is programmed with conditional instructions. These allow you to control what happens when specific conditions are met. Your smart contract detects the condition and automatically executes the corresponding clause.

Immutable contracts

Thanks to blockchain registration, the information is decentralized and therefore protected. This ensures that the contract cannot be falsified by any of the parties, and therefore becomes immutable.

Contract created instantly

The PDF that’s generated is the visible part of the smart contract. Insurechain immediately sends it to your email address, so the parties involved can sign and print it.

For all professional sectors

Insurechain offers different smart contract templates to adapt to different professional sectors: legal, insurance, training… smart contracts are for everyone.

You save money from day one

Smart contracts verify compliance with their terms and conditions without the need for third-party intervention. This means that your business saves time and money from the very first minute.

Transparency and security

Thanks to blockchain technology, the conditional instructions programmed into the smart contract contract are visible to everyone. Once the contract is generated, the agreed terms and conditions are subject to compliance and cannot be modified.

Digitally recorded on the platform

Once the PDF is signed, your smart contract is created on our platform. In this way, the terms and conditions that have been signed between the parties are logged via a programming language.


You don't need to know how to code

You don’t need technical expertise to create a smart contract with Insurechain. Our platform makes it easy for you; it’s simple and user-friendly at every step.

Guaranteed security

Blockchain is a public technology that can be accessed at any time to verify logged data. However, nothing and no one can modify, rewrite, or delete said data.

When you create your smart contract on Insurechain you’re assured and guaranteed that the signed terms and conditions are irreversible. This means that there is no risk of the contract being manipulated or tampered with, and that the parties involved are obliged to comply with all the agreed conditions.

Guaranteed legal validity

The smart contracts  have full legal validity. All parties concerned sign the PDF generated by the platform via electronic signature. That electronic signature is 100% legal and secure.

Once the PDF has been signed, the smart contract is automatically recorded on our platform using blockchain technology.

Thanks to Insurechain, the parties concerned have access to the signed PDF, which acts as a traditional contract, and the smart contract is recorded on the platform, which is automatically validated by the blockchain.

Furthermore, at Insurechain we work with the lawyers at Pinsent Masons, who ensure the legal validity of your smart contract.

Enjoy all the benefits that Insurechain has to offer. Create the smart contracts your business needs starting today.

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