The agricultural sector in Europe has taken specific steps, such as setting an EU Code of Conduct for data sharing (EUCoC4DS), to provide guidance and support on the use of agricultural data.

As EUCoC4DS is promoted by all stakeholders as the basis for all data sharing in agrifood, the DJustConnect (Belgium) data-sharing initiative has implemented it in software to guarantee that farmers are in full control of their data and know the transactions done with it. 

On top of that software, the initiative call NextDe formed by ILVO, IdPlizz and Changetheblock developed a platform where information is easily managed in a transparent and fair way, via two different approaches:

1. By using AI technology and biometric recognition (IdPlizz platform) in DjustConnect, the platform will have an unforgeable sign-in-method. By implementing this feature, we ensure that farmers know who is using their information.  

2. By implementing Smart Contracts in DjustConnect, we create an e-auction system and automate data exchanges. This provides the platform of autonomous governance and increases transparency as the price for the data exchange between data providers and data consumers is open, and auto-managed via the smart contracts. 

This system provides data providers/consumers with accountability mechanisms as these smart contracts could be legally binding as in the Insurechain platform developed by ChangeTheBlock. There will not be an intermediary in the data exchange, and once a smart contract is signed no-one could forge it. The e-auction system could support farmers to answer their questions about data pricing/value. 

Implementing this two features to DjustConnect platform we address the accountability challenges and support farmers to trust the system.

When finished, our experiment will open a new marketplace of data to and for farmers and the agro-business,  ensuring them with a fair market without governance intermediation and moreover, enabling  the next generation P2P/Data Economy.