Thanks to Cryptex, it's now possible to identify your client’s cryptocurrency investor profile.

Enter the public key of your client's wallet into Cryptex to instantly obtain their cryptocurrency credit score.

These days, not accepting cryptocurrency at your bank means rejecting a billion-dollar market that is increasingly growing in size.

At Cryptex, we know the importance of properly understanding your clients in order to avoid money laundering. So, we’ve created an algorithm that allows you to enhance your KYC and improve your AML.

Cryptex, the solution that tells you where your client's cryptocurrency came from.

Easy and immediate

Simply enter the public key of your client’s wallet into our system to instantly obtain their credit score and determine their cryptocurrency investor profile.

Comprehensive historical analysis

The credit score is based on the complete history of your client as an investor of this type of currency. Cryptex takes into account all your client’s cryptocurrency transactions to determine their investor profile.

Identify your client

Once you’ve obtained the result of your client’s profile, you can immediately determine whether their investments into this type of currency came from money laundering or legitimate funds.

You can accept cryptocurrencies

If the investments come from legitimate funds, your clients will be able to legally deposit their cryptocurrency into their respective accounts.

Detect money laundering

If the client is – or has been – involved in accounts which may have been used to launder money or finance terrorist organisations, Cryptex will detect it immediately and you’ll be instantly notified.

No personal data is required

You do not need to enter your client’s personal data into our system in order to discover their cryptocurrency investor profile. All you need is their wallet public key.

As of January 2020, the banking sector will be required to know the source of all client's cryptocurrencies.

Today, many people use cryptocurrency to commit financial crimes such as money laundering and tax evasion. There are some organisations which even use it as a means of financing terrorism.

In order to combat this type of illegal activity, the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive will come into effect in January 2020, and will oblige banks to know the source of all their client’s cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to Cryptex, you can immediately ascertain the origin of your client’s cryptocurrency, and thus ensure that it properly complies with EU regulations.

Instantly receive all the updated information you need about your client's profile. Find out if they're laundering money.