What do you need to implement blockchain in your company?


Implementing blockchain solutions in your company will: help you save time and money; give you total transparency on all transactions that take place; help you keep track of all logged data; and, most importantly, proved you with greater security, since all data exchanged via blockchain is coded.


We advise companies from all professional sectors on the usage and legal aspects of using this revolutionary technology for their business operations.

Learn the basics about Blockchain


ChangeTheBlock in-company training

Learn from blockchain experts how to implement this technology into your company’s operational processes. This creates confidence in the mind of the client, while guaranteeing maximum security, saving you time and money, and avoiding administrative paperwork. Blockchain is here to stay. That which seemed so far off just two days ago, can be a reality today.

Training with us is learning from digital natives who are capable of exploiting the full potential of this technology, and correctly and effectively applying it to the business environment. Our approach aims to resolve problems based on real cases. With us, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your business and, therefore, to position yourself as a technologically advanced company within your sector.

We provide training from the most basic to the most advanced levels, always from a theoretical and practical standpoint, which we consider to be the most effective way to digitally transform your business and achieve the most success.

Blockchain formacion empresas

Can you imagine the combination of Millennial and Gen Z talent with the potential of blockchain?

Formación blockchain

ChangeTheBlock at University

We organise meetings and lectures at the leading universities and business schools in Spain. We use eminently practical classes to teach undergraduate, graduate, masters, and MBA students, both in person and online.

Do you want to know how to apply blockchain to different professional sectors? Contact us now to bring our digital knowledge to your educational institution.